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Deputy Constable Andrew McNaughton


AGE: 28

TOUR: 2 years, 3 months

CAUSE: Gunfire

E.O.W: October 12, 1971

Officer Frederick J. Clark was born in Orange, New Jersey, on August 23, 1943. He moved to the San Fernando area in 1946 with his family. He attended and graduated from Birmingham High School, Van Nuys, California. He attended Los Angeles Pierce College in Los Angeles, California, and he was presently enrolled in classes at Ventura College. 

Prior to accepting a position with the Oxnard Police Department, Officer Clark had been employed by Hughes Markets from 1960 to 1969. At this time, he accepted a position as a police officer with the City of Oxnard. 

During the time he was with the Oxnard Police Department, Officer Clark made many contributions and achievements, including graduation from the Ventura College Police Academy, Drivers Training certificates from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Operation and Use of Breathalyzer, and First Aid from the National Red Cross. Officer Clark received certificates from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for Chemical Agents Training, Law Enforcement Officers Training School in Contemporary Police Problems at Moorpark College for Urban Warfare Institute, from the National Safety Council for participation in the Defensive Driving Schools, and from the Peace Officers Standards and Training for completion of required courses for Police Officers. 

In the twenty-seven months that Officer Clark served the community, he received numerous letters of commendation from citizens praising his fairness, alertness and humanity. He had been chosen as one of the Department’s representatives at the “Rap Sessions” held in the Colonia area earlier in the year. 

He was always held in high esteem by his fellow officers who continually commended his willingness and sincerity in helping others. 

Officer Clark will be deeply missed, not only by his wife, daughter, family, friends, and fellow officers, but also by the community for which he gave his life to serve and protect.