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The Oxnard Peace Officers Association (OPOA) was founded in 1976 to protect and enhance the rights and benefits of its members. Today the OPOA represents more than 250 police officers, public safety dispatchers and public safety officers from the rank of police officer to sergeant.

While the OPOA continues to ensure its members’ interests are represented, our commitment to community engagement and philanthropy is just as important.

The OPOA serves as a bridge between its members and the citizens of Oxnard. Through our participation in community programs and events, along with charitable contributions, we strive to continuously strengthen our relationship with the community.

Every year the OPOA and its members serve the needs of the Oxnard community by donating more than $50,000 to community groups, an overwhelming majority for youth groups.

In addition to our commitment to Oxnard area youth groups, the OPOA offers a yearly scholarship to each Oxnard area high schools (Channel Islands High School, Hueneme High School, Pacifica High School, Oxnard High School, Rio Mesa High School and Santa Clara High School) for students pursuing their secondary education. Each recipient receives $1,000 towards tuition, books and supplies.

Oxnard POA logo


The Oxnard Police Department provides law enforcement services for the city of Oxnard, which is located 76 miles east of Los Angeles in Southern California. The city is about 39 square miles, and has a population of about 201,879.

The department employs 238 sworn officers and 118 civilian support personnel. The department continues to embrace a community-based policing philosophy and also promotes prevention and intervention strategies in policing the city.

The National League of Cities and the International Association of Chiefs of Police have recognized Oxnard as having one of the most innovative police departments in the country. The Oxnard Police Department also received the prestigious James Q. Wilson Award in 2008 and again in 2018 for excellence in community policing.

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